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Make providing great support as an agent easy with powerful helpdesk software that makes day to day tasks more efficient.

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P & G

Productivity Tools

Keep your customer support simple

Agents shouldn’t have to waste time with unnecessary and time-consuming tasks. The helpdesk software you use should make life as easy as possible, so you can focus on providing fantastic support to your customers.


One response, multiple uses

Do your agents receive the same support queries, over and over again? Having to type out the same, standard responses to repetitive questions can be frustrating.

With Deskpro, agents can effortlessly craft perfect responses every time with canned responses, which allow your agents to insert pre-written phrases, sentences or complete "Snippets" in just two clicks.

Perfect Responses
Providing exceptional support is ten times easier when using a pre-written library of canned responses.
Reduce Mistakes
When agents are typing the same response again and again, mistakes happen, snippets eliminate this.
Just Two Clicks
Just click on the snippets button and select the response you want to use. Simple, fast, and foolproof.


Streamline complex processes

Eliminating unnecessary actions and processes is one of the most effective ways of improving efficiency and agent engagement. If your workflow requires agents to carry out the same actions across many tickets, you can automate the process using macros.

Deskpro comes with sophisticated macro features that enable you to group several actions and execute them with a single click.

Integrated Workflows
Apply macros when ticket replies are sent. This makes administrative box-ticking a lot easier for agents.
Support Superheroes
Agents can deal with multiple workflows and complex tasks by using macros to resolve issues in no time.
Sharing is Caring
Share the macros you create with other agents and ensure everyone has access to tools for efficient working.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Designed to make your life easier

Keyboard shortcuts can make answering tickets and performing helpdesk actions more efficient.

Enabling agents to answer more tickets, keep customers happier, and save them precious time.

mass actions

Respond to customers at scale

Do your agents ever need to reply to a dozen reports of the same outage, or get rid of a load of spam tickets? Repetition can become the bane of some agents' work lives.

With Deskpro, agents can select and apply the same action to up to 50 tickets at a time. Creating huge productivity gains for everyone across your helpdesk has never been so easy.

Reduce Wasted Time
Stop re-typing messages for the same issue. Agents can write and send a single response to multiple customers at once.
Personalized Responses
Customer names can be inserted into messages using shortcodes, automatically personalizing each response.
Clear Inbox
Mass actions are great for helping agents maintain a ‘zero inbox’ as many tickets can be cleared at once.
We didn’t have a ticketing system before Deskpro, but it’s very intuitive and easy to handle. I've never seen a ticketing system that's so easy for agents.
Stefan Urdl Corporate Director of IT

feel at home

A beautifully designed interface

The helpdesk is where customer support agents spend most of their time, so they should feel at home when using support software. An engaging interface is crucial for happy and productive agents.

With Deskpro, agents have access to extensive preference options, letting them customize how the already intuitive interface looks and feels.

Deskpro helps agents to grow

Agent support doesn't just stop at the intelligent tools our helpdesk provides; Deskpro takes care of agent progression and skill in a number of ways.

Agent Certification

Agents can become certified Deskpro agents with our Agents Examination, helping increase agent support capability.


Find everything in an instant

When it comes to customer support, agents require swift access to any information that can help them resolve issues quickly. Searching your helpdesk shouldn’t be slow, clunky and ineffective.


Quickly get up to speed

Sometimes the rest of your organization needs insight into support interactions in order to do their job properly.

Agents can use @mentions to ask for help, discuss, and make support decisions all within a single ticket protected from customer view. Notes aren’t included in messages, meaning you don’t share private internal communications outside your helpdesk.

Ticket queues

Keep teams and individuals organized

In-built and customizable queues ensure teams and individuals are accountable for customer requests; so that nothing falls through the cracks.

By setting up round robin ticket assignment, it can distribute tickets evenly into your agent queues.

Our agents prefer Deskpro over other helpdesks because of the user-friendliness, clear interface, and technical flexibility.
Nam Nguyen Director of Customer Success


Collaborate instantly

Effective communication is key to creating a support department empowered to work as a team. Without it, agents can fail to draw on the invaluable knowledge of colleagues.

Deskpro features built-in instant messaging tools way more sophisticated than standalone internal chat solutions. Our software provides agents with the ability to communicate and collaborate with ease.

Team Messaging

Don’t worry about investing in a different messaging system, Deskpro comes with full-featured chat capabilities.

A helpdesk in your pocket

Today’s digital workforce are used to working remotely, from multiple devices, on-the-go. Allow your agents to take a powerful helpdesk with them, wherever they go.

Deskpro keeps your agents in sync, even when people are out of the office. Answer, manage and analyze tickets with real-time updates - directly from our seamless Android and iOS apps.

Support Supplements

Empower agents to perform

People are capable of both making mistakes and performing small miracles - your agents are no different. That’s why Deskpro is designed to give them every chance of success. Our software is full of features like SLAs, escalations, and alerts that prompt agents into action.


Monitor your helpdesk response times with SLAs, and automate actions to maintain high standards.


Increase ticket urgency, re-assign tickets, or send survey requests after tickets have spent a defined period of time in specific state.


Deskpro alerts agents to critical events in the helpdesk such as direct messages, internal ticket notes, and new tickets they have been tagged in - keeping agents in the know at all times.

Urgency Scores

Ensure agents deal with the most urgent issues first by marking tickets with urgency scores.

Make account management simple

Deskpro allows agents to sign in using existing accounts, with single-sign-on (SSO) from 20+ supported authentication sources. Never deal with another ‘I lost my password’ email again.

Faster Log-in
Agents who are already logged in to one of many accounts can be are seamlessly verified in Deskpro without seeing a login screen at all.
Multiple Accounts
Let agents sign in with their preferred social media account, or login details from your ecommerce or forum platforms.
Filter Agents
Only want to authenticate customers from one department that’s part of a company-wide directory? Not a problem. Just use the Deskpro customer source filtering system.
It's the perfect environment to ensure our customers and agents are satisfied - all at fantastic value too. Ten out of ten.
Jason Voice IT Helpdesk Leader