Data Migration

Migrate your helpdesk into Deskpro with ease

Helpdesk migration might seem like a nightmare - but with Deskpro, migrating from your current solution is painless and straightforward.

Whether you currently use an email provider like Outlook or another helpdesk software, we have you covered.

Secure imports, every time

Your data is important and needs to be kept secure. We know that changing the helpdesk software your business uses can require careful consideration.

With Deskpro, you have the option to migrate using one of our Do It Yourself options, or we can manage the migration for you, headache-free.


Import your data yourself

If you want to import your data yourself, there are several options you can choose from.

Helpdesk Data Importer

Easily arrange data import from other helpdesk providers with our Help Desk Migration option.

You can choose the data you want to move across and easily arrange a migration.

CSV Customer Importer

If you have an existing list of customers (in an external CRM application, customer database, legacy helpdesk or a spreadsheet) you can import that list into Deskpro using the Comma Separated Values (CSV) format.

Import via API

Using Deskpro's REST API, you can move data between an external source and your helpdesk. This is the most flexible method but requires software development knowledge.

Assisted Migration

Let Deskpro handle your import for you

If you don't have a development team or would prefer to hand off the project to helpdesk experts, then our Technical Support team here at Deskpro can help.

Effortless migration
Choose the data that you wish to migrate across. No need to get your development team involved. Pick what you want to keep, and let us do the rest.
Secure transfer
All Deskpro migrations are conducted securely over HTTPS encryption. Compliant with ISO27001 and GDPR standards.
Advanced data mapping
We ensure that all of the fields, including custom fields, are correctly mapped to the right destination in Deskpro.

Cloud or On-Premise

Your helpdesk, your choice

However you want to deploy your helpdesk, you can do it with Deskpro. Host it on your internal system or run it in the cloud on industry-leading AWS.


Never have to worry about hosting or technical details; we handle that, plus automatic weekly updates.

  • 99.9% uptime
  • Auto weekly updates
  • US/EU/UK Data centers
  • Security patches


Get complete control over your Deskpro instance while never compromising on power.

  • On-Premise Controller
  • Rapid deployments
  • In-built scalability
  • Multi-instance

Types of data that can be imported

Deskpro can handle importing from Kayako, Zendesk, OsTicket, Spiceworks, and more.

You can import the following data from their products into your new Deskpro helpdesk:

  • Organizations (Names, Website, Phone Numbers, Fax Numbers, Addresses, Custom Form Fields)
  • Agents
  • Customers (Names, Email, Organization, Organization Position, is_disabled, Phone, Contact Data, Custom Form Fields)
  • Usergroups
  • Tickets (Status, Subject, Person, Agent, Department, Custom Form Fields)
  • Ticket Messages
  • Ticket Notes (Agent)
  • Ticket & Ticket Message Attachments
  • Knowledgebase (Categories & Articles)
  • Help Center (Categories & Articles)
  • News
  • Chat Conversations

Managed installation service

Let us handle your installation

If you need your On-Premise helpdesk up and running with minimum time spent on server admin, we can help you with our managed installation service.

One of our experienced technicians will install Deskpro on your chosen platform. You're left with a helpdesk that runs smoothly from day one. This service covers installation only.

Managed upgrades

Keep your version of Deskpro up-to-date

Upgrading your helpdesk can be difficult and time-consuming, but keeping software up-to-date is essential. Ensure you're operating the latest Deskpro system with all the latest features.

To make your life easier, we offer a managed upgrade service, where one of our skilled technicians will bring your helpdesk up-to-date with the latest version for you. We only need root or administrator access to your server to carry this out.

Book a managed upgrade

Find out more about our managed upgrade service.