Easy installation, effortless upgrades

Get your On-Premise helpdesk running like a well-oiled machine with our managed installation and upgrade services.


Our managed installation service

If you need your On-Premise helpdesk up and running with minimum time spent on server administration we can help you with our managed installation service.

One of our experienced technicians will install Deskpro on your chosen platform, so you're left with a helpdesk that runs smoothly from day one.


Remember, to carry out this service, we'll need root or administrator access to your server.

This service covers installation only. If you need assistance configuring the Deskpro web interface, see our consultancy services.

Our managed installation service costs $600. You can order it when you buy your Deskpro on-premise license, or contact us to arrange it now.


Want to get your version of Deskpro up-to-date without the headache?

We understand that finding the time to perform a major upgrade can be difficult, however it is vital that you keep your helpdesk up-to-date to ensure you are running your instance with the latest updates and fixes, and have access to all the latest Deskpro features.

We offer a managed upgrade service, where one of our experienced technicians will bring your helpdesk up-to-date with the latest version. Please note that to carry out this service, we'll need root or administrator access to your server.

How much does this managed upgrade service cost?
Our managed upgrade service costs $600.

How can I purchase?
You can order the update service from your members area. Once you have purchased, you'll receive an email from us where we'll request some information from you about your setup and provide a dedicated booking link for you to select an available time-slot for the upgrade to take place.

Have any further questions?
If you have any questions, please send an email to support@deskpro.com