Helpdesk software for Startups

Great customer support should be easy, however small your team

You don't need a huge team of agents to delight your customers and provide exceptional support; Deskpro's helpdesk makes every business support superstars.

Choose affordable helpdesk software for small businesses or start ups to help you scale up and stand out.

Deskpro provides trusted service to these growing SMEs

Future Software
Sapphire HR
Gillies of Broughty Ferry
Logiq Consulting
Metro Mechanical Services
Now Pharmacy
Dot Coop
Stratagem IPM
b4b Telecoms
Tristel Solutions
b2e Technologies
Browns Books

Upgrade your customer support system to Deskpro and simplify operations

As your small business grows in size, so will the number of customer support requests you receive. Having a confusing and disorganized support system based in Gmail or Outlook can hold your business back and damage your reputation.

Try out Deskpro for free and see how our helpdesk software can simplify your customer support and help you get back on track with growing your start up.

Affordable Software

Great customer support shouldn't come with a hefty price tag

Providing exceptional helpdesk support shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Deskpro makes customer service solutions simple, we offer first-rate features at a reasonable price that will enrich your small business' support capabilities.

Our Team plan gives you all the necessary tools to streamline and professionalize your small business and with transparent pricing you don't have to worry about any hidden fees bringing you down.

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It became a real struggle to provide customer service using Outlook and we felt that we were dropping the ball, which is never a good thing.
Andrew Weiss Director of LTL Operations


Automate your helpdesk to save your team valuable time

Your time is precious; invest in a helpdesk system that values that. Streamline administrative processes and boost productivity, giving you more time to put back into your business.

Spend less time putting out fires and more time climbing the ranks by customizing your helpdesk with powerful automations to help operations run smoothly.

Automatically categorize all incoming tickets and distribute them evenly between agents.
Set up auto-replies and updates for tickets to ensure customers are never left in the dark.
Insert personalized canned responses with two clicks of a button from your own snippet library.
Mass Actions
Apply the same actions across multiple tickets at once to speed up repetitive messages.

Multi-Channel Helpdesk

Centralize all your channels so you never drop the ball

Keeping on top of customer service in Outlook or Gmail can get hectic. Deskpro lets you consolidate your workflow into one straightforward interface so you never lose track of your tickets whether email, voice, chat or social.

Reduce the time your agents spend keeping track of different tickets and customers with intelligent automation tools that make staying on top on things easy.

It became a real struggle to provide customer service using Outlook and we felt that we were dropping the ball, which is never a good thing.
Andrew Weiss Director of LTL Operations

Simple Interface

A powerful helpdesk doesn't have to be complicated

Our intuitive interface makes Deskpro an accessible tool for everyone; regardless of their experience level. But if you run into any issues our friendly customer support team is always on hand to help and you have complete access to our extensive guides.

With Deskpro, your agents will be customer support machines. Tackle our training so all your staff can become Certified Deskpro Agents making them well-prepared for all your customer support needs.

24/7 Self-Service

Reduce the demand on your helpdesk by providing a 24/7 self-service platform

Reduce common queries and tickets with a customizable 24/7 self-service Help Center.

Publish content
Publish knowledgebase articles and content that provide an easy resource for your customers to solve their own problems.
Ticket Deflection
When customers go to submit a ticket your Help Center will automatically suggest relevant articles that apply to their issue.
Reduce Strain On Agents
Making use of a Help Center reduces the number of repeated tickets customers submit; reducing the strain on and need for so many agents.
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I would recommend Deskpro to any software company because it's such a natural fit, especially when it’s a growing company and has many products like we do.
Mike Wray President


We're in your corner, to support you as you grow

As your business grows, your helpdesk is right there with you. You can easily increase the number of agents on your plan at any point, just purchase more on your license as needed.

Deskpro's helpdesk software is scalable from start ups to enterprises, we can work with you every step of the way as your business expands.