Email Ticketing System

Streamline support with email ticketing software

Effortlessly manage, track, and prioritize all your customer support emails with your all-in-one ticketing solution.

When your customers need help, Deskpro instantly creates a support ticket, no matter which channel they use - email, chat, phone, or social media.

Unified email support system for faster resolution

Accelerate issue resolution with our integrated platform that fosters seamless team communication and collaboration.

Clear Communication

Remove confusion around who responded to what, when and how. See the whole conversation with customers and prevent duplicate responses.

Don't settle for a shared inbox

Transparency and visibility make ticket management less complicated for your team; by incorporating a helpdesk, you can ensure every ticket is tracked, workflows are automated, and nothing can slip through the cracks.

Never doubt your team's performance, customer satisfaction, or efficiency again. With a unified ticketing system, gone are the days of losing tickets and having a disorganized inbox full of confusing messages.

  • Trackable Requests
  • Owned Tickets
  • Clear Audit Trail
  • Accountability & Responsibility
  • Increased Issue Visibility
  • Faster Resolutions
  • Organized Inbox
Using Outlook, we didn't have visibility. Things got to a stage where we knew we had to change. Management couldn't give reasons why things were happening because we didn't have the reporting capability.
Chris Evans VP of IT Operations

Increased Visibility

A helpdesk that takes the confusion away

Relying on a shared email inbox is setting yourself up for disaster with missed emails, an inability to track workflow and agent confusion.

Deskpro will make your ticket management as simple and painless as possible from day one. With powerful helpdesk features that surpass the capabilities of a standard shared email system; simplify the organization of your incoming tickets and easily stay on top of your support.

Automate everything
Deskpro takes away all the manual processes of an email inbox with rich automation tools.
Stay on top of tickets
Never forget to action tickets with helpful and automatic follow ups to boost resolution times.
Optimized workflow
Take the guess work out of your helpdesk processes by creating ticket triggers.
Team accountability
When every ticket is owned and trackable it encourages accountability between support agents.

Host how you like

Email made simple no matter your preferences

Whether you choose Deskpro Cloud or On-Premise, emails sent to your helpdesk are registered as tickets and get routed to the correct department based on your helpdesk settings.

Deskpro Cloud

Users submit queries to your default email, like support@acme.deskpro.com, or you can link external accounts. Tickets received will be routed to the right team or department automatically based on the address contacted.

Deskpro On-Premise

With On-Premise, you can connect your existing support email accounts to your helpdesk, where each email account can be linked to a department to enable automatic routing.

A seriously organized team inbox

Understand exactly what you need to tackle next with just a glance at your helpdesk. Eliminate task confusion and promote agent accountability.

Outlook was a nightmare. With Deskpro, I can run reports on pretty much anything, and keep an eye on how my team are doing in real-time.
Andrew Weiss Director of LTL Operations

In-built CRM system

Better customer insights across every conversation

Access entire message history and capture unique customer information to give your customers personalized support, every time.

A ticketing system that's totally painless

Clear tickets efficiently and effectively with automation and productivity tools.


Agents can send complete and personalized answers to customer questions in a few clicks. Canned responses drastically increase the number of tickets that can be responded to daily.

Find out more

Everything included, in one place

When we say that your helpdesk is customizable, we mean it. With Deskpro, you can add unlimited changes, such as custom fields on tickets. That provides your agents and customers with a helpdesk, rather than just email.

Custom Fields

Agents can see all the relevant ticket information, dragged through from Forms, or from email. Can be customized to only show agents certain forms.

agent ownership

Boost your agent accountability

When you just use a shared inbox, such as Outlook, knowing what agent has done what and when is tough. With specific tools to help agents perform their job better, Deskpro will promote transparent communication so your agents can thrive.

We looked at all the major players in the industry and none of them could come close to Deskpro in price, functionality or customer service.
Brian Polackoff VP of Sales & Client Relations

stay organized

Make support clear for everyone

Filter, group, sort and label every ticket to organize your inbox, and see which customers need your attention next.

Sophisticated search

Find any ticket with our powerful global search tool, so no critical information ever goes unfound.

Get Answers Fast

Our speedy search ensures agents get the answers they need to resolve customer issues with ease.

Search the Entire Helpdesk

Full helpdesk search allows agents to access all relevant tickets, CRM profiles, and knowledgebase articles using simple queries.

Saved Search

For regular searches of the helpdesk, you can save the specific criteria as saved search categories. These can be accessed with a single click, and prevent you re-entering specific search criteria everytime.

We are always glad that we moved from Outlook to Deskpro, our capacity to handle support is much better now. We can measure our performance and stay on top of all our client communication.
Mustafa Büyükkaya IT & Business Development Manager