The Best PHP Helpdesk Solution for Streamlined Customer Support

With easy installation, customizable code, and comprehensive features, Deskpro empowers organizations to deliver exceptional customer support.

Powered by PHP

Deskpro's powerful helpdesk is run on PHP

Need your On-Premise helpdesk up and running yesterday? Stuck on an old version without IT skills to update? Contact us now.

Easiest install ever

Get started fast, without wasting time fiddling with configuration. The unique guided installer of Deskpro On-Premise alerts you to any problems. You can even run a fully automated install or use a pre-made VM image.

Full unobfuscated source code

You can download the full source of Deskpro to inspect and audit. Our EULA even grants you the right to modify the code for your own use.

Good for coders, great for PHP coders

Need a PHP helpdesk that integrates easily with your code? We provide a full REST API so any language can play, but if you're a PHP dev you'll love our SDK which wraps the REST requests in simple PHP functions.

Smart Installer

Guided, no-guesswork installation

Trying out the typical PHP helpdesk means setting aside an afternoon to grapple with cryptic error messages and outdated docs.

Deskpro takes the frustration out of getting started with a smart installer which detects and diagnoses problems, backed up by comprehensive, platform-specific setup guides.

Beautiful Interface

Designed with admins in mind

You can monitor the state of your Deskpro installation from within the web interface. You’re alerted to any errors, and it’s easy to verify the exact PHP configuration at a glance.

secure and reliable ticketing system

Trust in Deskpro's PHP helpdesk

Organizations of all sizes rely on Deskpro to handle customer support and
customer service at scale.

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Cloud-tested code is watertight

Our self-hosted Deskpro On-Premise product uses the same code base as our popular Cloud service. The code you deploy on your server has been proven in the real world, handling hundreds of millions of support requests for leading organizations of all sizes.

Best-practice security

We write Deskpro with security in mind, following best practices to prevent common attacks like SQL injection and XSS. We use automated testing, human auditing, and a responsible disclosure policy to find any vulnerabilities.

Ready for enterprise-grade hosting

Deskpro supports multi-server configurations for height performance and availability. Features like ticket archiving and Elasticsearch integration ensure that, as your needs grow, Deskpro will scale to handle hundreds of agents and millions of support tickets.

Always improving

Modern PHP with a cutting-edge UI

Other PHP helpdesks have been stagnant for years. We’re constantly updating Deskpro, adding features and honing code within the modern Symfony framework.

On the front end, we leverage Angular, CoffeeScript, jQuery and LESS to make a real-time browser interface that feels as responsive as your favorite desktop app.

Try it now

Source available

You can download full Deskpro source code right now and take a look. Our EULA gives you the right to modify the Deskpro source code for your own use (except for small sections which manage licensing).

Our «source-available» licensing model gives you the security benefits and transparency of an open source product, but with height quality support and constant improvements thanks to our international team of expert staff.

Install Deskpro On-Premise now and start your free 14-day trial.


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