Premium Support Packages

Keep your helpdesk functioning smoothly with supercharged customer support.

With Deskpro's Premium Support, your team will have direct access to our team of customer support superheroes.

Premium Support

Our Premium Support Packages

Our Support Plans correspond with the tiers of our Pricing plan. To see all the features available to you across each plan, check out our Pricing page.

Team Support

You need the best support team

Our free level of support includes access to our incredible team of support superheroes who can help answer your queries.

You also get 24/7 access to our Help Center, which hosts answers to common questions, in-depth product guides, and more.

Professional Support

Boost your support with our Professional plan

Benefit from a dedicated account manager to guide your organization through any issue you might encounter.

Extend your access to support and get access to bespoke training for reports and more.

Enterprise Support

High quality support at your fingertips

Deskpro's Enterprise Support gives your organization will have direct access to first-class round the clock support.

Upgrade your customer support and optimize your operations.


Premium Support Features

Support Hours

9am - 6pm



Help Center & Guides
Email Support
Named Account Manager

Uptime SLA



Custom Reports Support

Beta Features


Quarterly Healthchecks

Support SLA

Security Reviews

High Quality Support At Your Fingertips

Things go wrong sometimes, but it doesn't need to be a headache

We know keeping your organization running smoothly is a priority so when an issue arises it's important to have access to the best customer support available. Our responsive and attentive customer support team prides itself on resolving your issues as painlessly as possible.

Our Enterprise Plan adds Enterprise Support to your helpdesk. Upgrade your customer support and optimize your operations.

24/7 Support
Have round the clock access to our friendly customer support team.
Named Account Manager
Your manager oversees your tickets and is your main point of contact.
Support SLA
We automate a 1 hour support SLA so you always get a quick response.
Quarterly Health Checks
We check your helpdesk is functioning well every quarter.
We provide assistance with data migration to get you up and running.
Uptime SLA
Our Cloud deployment guarantees a 99.9% uptime rate.
Custom Reports
We can assist your report building so you can produce any report you need.
Security Review
Our security team can carry out your annual security review.
Customer support were instrumental in our successful deployment. I couldn’t have appreciated it more. The responsiveness of the Deskpro team was absolutely phenomenal and the level of customer service is exemplary.
Kimberly Byrd Director of Academic and Computing Support

24/7 Support

Say yes to the best customer support

Deskpro's Premium Support package provides round the clock support service for your organization, whether via email, chat or phone. We are always here to help.

Our customer support team are highly capable and want to make things as easy as possible for you whenever you need it.

But don't just take it from us...

We really appreciated the onboarding process with Deskpro. The team was very helpful and we felt like we had a great partnership at every step of the process. We have never felt invisible or lost in a sea of other customers.
Matt Goldfarb Executive Director of Support
The support that the Deskpro team delivers is great. They were incredibly knowledgeable and helped me navigate a few use-case scenarios with ease. My questions were always answered with accurate and timely responses.
Brian Polackoff VP of Sales & Client Relations
Whenever I've reached out to the Deskpro support team they've been very responsive. I've been very happy with their service
Anthony Carter Head of IT

Named Account Manager

Customer support with a friendly face

We want you to feel comfortable with our customer service so with Premium Support you will be allocated a Named Account Manager. This individual will manage all your incoming queries so you know there will always be someone that understands your organization and needs.

Support SLA

We won't leave you hanging

With Premium Support we automate a 1 hour Service Level Agreement with you to ensure you always receive a speedy response.

We want to make sure that we can prioritize your issues and guarantee that you will receive a response in line with our agreement.

The support from Deskpro has been brilliant. We get responses really quickly and have managed to resolve all our issues.
Melissa Pratt Helpdesk Supervisor

Quarterly Health Checks

Let us take care of your helpdesk's health

A quarterly health check will be carried out by your Named Account Manager so you can be confident your helpdesk is fully operational.

This ensures that you are getting all you can from your Deskpro account; we will check that your automations and routing are functioning correctly.


We're with you every step of the way

We will migrate your data across to your Deskpro helpdesk for you quickly and easily. Our Support Team will get things set up exactly as you want so you can get going straight away.

We can help you create custom forms and automate deep events within your helpdesk; to make your day-to-day operations run more efficiently and help make your life easier.

Uptime SLA

Zero-hassle helpdesk software

Our Cloud deployment takes care of software maintenance and hosting so you can relax knowing that Deskpro is taking care of your helpdesk.

We can guarantee an Uptime SLA of 99.9% for our Cloud server so you can feel confident that your helpdesk is taken care of. Or take advantage of SysAdmin support if self-hosting On-Premise.

When we’ve raised issues, the Deskpro support team have either been able to correct it immediately or they give us a time frame for a resolution. And it is fixed within that time and they follow up and notify us about it.
Steven Zats Owner

We can ensure you gain all the insights you need

We can assist you with these builds to ensure that you can develop the exact reports you require for your organization. Our in-depth reports builder allows you to create highly customizable reports that enable you to generate valuable insights into your organization's performance.


We can help you use DPQL query language to generate unique reports for all your specific statistical needs.

Security Review

Here to give a helping hand

Our dedicated security team are happy to help you complete your annual security review if needed.

We're here to make your operations easier; let us know if you need our help ensuring your helpdesk is safe and secure.

Deskpro worked with us on the extra support contract and went to great lengths to make us comfortable during the sales process, and that makes a huge difference to our confidence using the product across the whole University.
John Spadaro Deputy Chief Information Officer

Other features of Enterprise

In addition to receiving Premium Customer Support, you will benefit from these first-class features and more.

Check out everything our Enterprise plan has to offer →

Have multiple separate instances of Deskpro that are linked to one account.
Enterprise API Rate Limit
Have the highest possible API rate limit of our plans.
Data Center Location
Choose between 16 AWS centers to store your data for Cloud deployment.
Beta Product Previews
Get early access to Beta products that we are developing for your helpdesk.
Free Agent Certification
Your agents can take their Deskpro agent certification exam at no extra cost.
Protect your helpdesk from security risks by running on separate programs.
Net 30 Payment
Have the ability to pay for your service 30 calendar days after billing.
HIPAA & Signing BAA
Ensure that PHI is entirely protected with a plan that is HIPAA compliant.
Custom Feature Development
Request specific custom features to be developed for your organization.
Custom Contracts
Our team will draw up or help you create custom contracts if needed.
Larger Attachments
Be able to send larger file attachments from your helpdesk.
Unlimited Multi-Brand
Create an unlimited number multi-branded Help Centers.
Auto Translate
Our Microsoft Translator plugin will automatically translate message content.
White Labelling
Rebrand your widgets and Help Center to remove Deskpro's branding.
Keep track of the full history of an asset and know who has access to them.
Provide support outside of business hours and reduce strain on agents.