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Write private notes, which are saved directly to the interface, and accessible anytime with Deskpro's Scratchpad app.

Scratchpad is a convenient note-taking application built into Deskpro's interface, it provides a simple way for Agents to make private notes that are automatically saved and stored in the helpdesk.

Scratchpad is a Deskpro Lab App, these are apps that we create inside of the Deskpro Product to provide useful in-built features and boost Deskpro's functionality.

With the Scratchpad app:

  • Make quick and convenient private notes in the Agent interface.
  • Clear the contents of the notepad with the click of a button
  • Notes you make auto-save as you type so you can quickly make a note and exit the app
  • Use useful keyboard shortcuts like ctrl + z to undo what you just wrote