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Arkansas Urology provides internal support with Deskpro

The Support team moved to Deskpro to utilize the features available to streamline its IT support for its employees.

The Challenge

Arkansas Urology is the largest urology practice in Arkansas. It offers the most advanced urology technology and surgical techniques.

For a long time, the team at Arkansas Urology was relying on an email client for its internal IT support. This offered very little in the way of organization and categorization of communication, with next to no additional or helpful efficiency features.

This meant that the Support team was left with little to no assistance from its previous platform. There was no indication of success rates, in regards to how many inquiries they solved, how happy employees were, and where the most frequent issues were occurring.

The Solution

Once realizing that simply using email was not the best way to handle the essential and frequent queries they received, Max Kamis was tasked with findings a new solution to the problem. Due to the security requirements, its new helpdesk needed to be an On-Premise solution.

After looking at a few helpdesk software solutions, Max found Deskpro. While testing the abilities of Deskpro against the other helpdesk software solutions, he knew it would be a good match for his team.

“The first thing that stood out about Deskpro was the interface, it was simple but you can do so much with it.”

This simplicity combined with time-saving features that Max was looking for to make the internal IT support run as smoothly as possible.

The Benefits

Arkansas Urology found two significant benefits from implementing Deskpro for its internal support team; ticket handling and reports.

The insights that the reports interface offers to management and the team keep them up to date with what is and is not working and how to improve ticket handling.

We are now heavily dependent on the reporting in Deskpro. It allows us to keep a track of everything that is going on with the support team.
Max Kamis Senior IT Consultant

The agent interface has optimized the way that the support staff can interact with and complete their tickets. Agents can now view their workload coherently, making it much more manageable than their previous support solution.

Another positive aspect for Max and his team is the fact that Deskpro runs off Linux, so any cron jobs that had to be run are very reliable, which has made everyone’s job easier.

The Future

Using Deskpro has given the Support team the tools to be more effective at their jobs. And provided management with deeper insights into the ‘health’ of the helpdesk through the reporting interface.

Max and the Support team at Arkansas Urology look forward to providing the best IT support service to its employees with Deskpro.