Complete control over data with a secure and scalable helpdesk

Powerfully flexible helpdesk software that you can actually control. Available to deploy On-Premise or Cloud.

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Reduced vulnerability with increased hardening

Auto-updates and security patches, on both Cloud and On-Premise, ensure that the latest supported version is running.

Deskpro can also be run entirely on your own network, no need to connect to the internet.

Secure compliance across the platform, such as ISO27001, CSA Star and GDPR, or run a HIPAA compliant desk.

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Technical architecture that scales with your organization

Our On-Premise product affords you full control over your backend infrastructure allowing you to host Deskpro in any geographical location.

Scale resources up and down as required; only ever paying for the resources needed. Deploy additional servers quickly and easily with a single line of code.

Implement high availability and load balancing allowing for optimal redundancy, reliability and backups.

Tech Stack

Flexibility and efficiency at your fingertips

Deskpro uses the LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MySQL & PHP) tech stack, which helps us to deliver a strong platform for our web application.

As we utilize open source software, you won't be hit with unexpected 'extra' licensing costs.

With our databases built on MySQL, you can be comforted with a reliable and scalable solution for your helpdesk software.

Your choice of deployment

You can rely on your data being secure and backed up


The built-in backup solution with our OPC can schedule regular backups and local push to remote - simple backups for both database and attachments.


Primary backups offer point-in-time recovery for 35 days. Encrypted offsite backups are updated daily. Platform monitored by security teams 24/7.

On-Premise Controller

Manage your entire server infrastructure through a beautiful controller

Deskpro's On-Premise controller has been developed to enable Sysadmins to manage your On-Premise servers through an intuitive dashboard interface that enables wide-scale server management.

Being a technical wizard doesn't mean you have to spend all of your valuable time on complex server administration - Deskpro's On-Premise controller will automate and everyday Sysadmin processes to facilitate efficient and effective server management.

Multiple instances one system
Manage everything from within the controller, no need for different interfaces across your helpdesk.
Clear and beautiful interface
Dashboard interface clearly and logically displays the status of each instance and simplifies maintenance.
Add and import instances
Click to add a service installation makes importing or creating additional instances seamless.
Secure and controlled data
You control your data management and host on your own infrastructure to keep your server secure.

Enhanced graphical user interface streamlines processes

Deskpro's On-Premise software helps Admins manage your entire helpdesk operations from one system, whilst maintaining total control and the same powerful abilities as manually controlled On-Premise solutions.

The upgraded GUI makes the On-Premise controller more streamlined for SysAdmins; whilst an On-Premise deployment will still require manual coding work and tech knowledge there is an increased usability that will simplify the day to day usage of the controller.

The dashboard software makes it easy to monitor, modify and maintain a powerful and fully-featured helpdesk, reducing the necessity for deep Sysadmin or backend development knowledge.


Seamlessly connect with your current software suite

Deskpro makes it easy to integrate your helpdesk with the services and software you already use. Our library of bespoke helpdesk apps and integrations mean you can pull information from other software, build your own, or utilize our API.

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Make magic happen with our REST API

Deskpro has a full REST-based API that runs over HTTP(S) allowing access to the functions of the helpdesk using HTTP(S) requests.

This means you or your software developers can use any modern coding language to automatically retrieve, create or modify helpdesk data, such as tickets and customer records.

You can use the API to import and export data, automate the helpdesk beyond what's supported by the built-in automation systems, or integrate with external services.


Keep an eye on everything 24/7

Our Cloud platform is built on industry leading AWS data centers, alongside 24/7 monitoring, AWS Shield Guards and CloudFlare.

Auto-monitoring across all your servers run when needed on Docker.

Documentation & support

We are here to help, whenever you need

Being responsible for the deployment and maintenance of your organization's helpdesk is something we are no strangers to.

Technical Support

Human support is available as part of every Deskpro license. You can contact us at any time, via our help center or by emailing support@deskpro.com.

Extended Consultancy

We can help you to migrate your data into Deskpro, add on extra features or even just help out with installing Deskpro on your servers.

Guides & Knowledgebase

We have an extensive Knowledgebase alongside fully-featured SysAdmin walkthrough guides on how to install and set up Deskpro on your servers.